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Orientation programmes organised by the Department aim at encouraging and supporting students’ study choice and decisions regarding their university career before entering the job market.

Incoming Orientation

The incoming orientation programme is intended for secondary school students and provides information about the degree courses, structures and services.

Open Day and Info Day are two important events organised by the University to provide information regarding different degree courses for new students and those interested in studying at Parma University.

The “Scegli il tuo percorso di studio” website has been created to guide future students with regards to their study choices. It is possible to find the course catalogue here, as well as informational flyers and a video presentation.

Further information regarding incoming orientation events organised by the University of Parma can be obtained by contacting the Orientation Service.

Specific information regarding degree courses and orientation activities has been published on the website for each course. There are representative professors for incoming orientation who can be contacted for further information.

Welcome Days take place every year before classes start. These informational meetings are intended for future students to and introduce them to the various degree courses. Professors explain the course structure and the organisation of lessons, giving new students the possibility to familiarise themselves with the principle services and opportunities offered through instruction.

Since the 2017-2018 academic year, the CORDA Project has been extended on an experimental basis to Humanities to include English courses offered to students from several secondary schools.

The University of Parma supports “dual training system learning and working” upon request and welcomes motivated students who desire a training experience through an operational commitment in one of the University fields. This experience can be extremely useful not only from a training point of view, but also in relation to future choices regarding university studies.

Ongoing Orientation

“Ongoing Orientation” is intended for enrolled students to guide and help them during their studies.

The aim of this programme is to reduce the dropout rate, make more efficient use of time at University and prevent delays in graduating.

A Tutoring service and the I.D.E.A. Project are part of the Ongoing Orientation activities.

  • Tutoring Service
    Tutors are second cycle degree programme students, doctoral scholars or graduate students selected by the University according to their curriculum and experience in order to tutor, guide and give advice and assistance to students enrolled in one of the courses. Students can count on tutors to solve any issues they may have regarding their studies.
  • I.D.E.A. Project
    This is a supplementary study activity intended mainly, but not exclusively, for freshmen of some First Degree Cycle courses. It aims at integrating basic knowledge necessary to better understand information provided during lessons or basic skills and competences in view of a more complete and humanistic training.
Outgoing Orientation

“Outgoing Orientation” is intended for near-graduates and graduates to ease their entrance into the job market through internship experience and job opportunities.

Specific information regarding degree courses and orientation activities has been published on the website for each course. There are representative professors for outgoing orientation who can be contacted for further information.

Training opportunities and postgraduate jobs are available on the following website:

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Departmental Representative for Incoming Orientation Activities
prof. Simone Ferrari

Departmental Representative for Outgonig Orientation Activities
prof. Davide Astori

Degree Course Representatives for Orientation Activities
The names of Degree Course Representatives are available on the webpage of each degree course