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Mission and Scope

In Greek and Latin Philology the knowledge and skills of doctoral candidates will be deepened in the sciences of antiquity, with particular reference to linguistics, philological-literary studies, archaeology, papyrology, and the development of the Greek-Latin tradition in the Middle Ages and the Humanities. The doctoral candidates will be led to realize a critical edition, a commentary or an essay, concerning texts in Greek or Latin, or the edition of sources or archaeological contexts, according to the complete time span of their tradition and their continuity of life.

In Philosophy, PhD students’ critical ability and logical-argumentative skills will be developed, as will their knowledge in the history of philosophy. Phd students will acquire the ability to conduct an original piece of research – which requires being able to put into practice conceptual analysis, reasoning, historic and philological documentation – in the fields of theoretical philosophy, the philosophy of language and aesthetics, and the history of medieval, modern and contemporary philosophy.

In Italian and Romance Studies the aim is to train researchers able both in the linguistic and philological fields as well as literary theory. They will be able to produce critical texts and commentaries of texts from the Romance field or that of Italian literature, and to conduct innovative, historical-literary or thematic analysis of various time periods.

In Foreign Languages and Literature, the focus is on the learning of languages and foreign literature within the European area (English, French, German, Spanish and Russian) as well as, where applicable, their expression in the field of post colonialism. Within the course, original and innovative research activities, based on the latest theoretical and methodological approaches and relevant to the discipline of linguistics (translation, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, lexicography) and the historical-critical analysis of literature and of the culture between the early modern age and contemporaneity, are promoted.

In History, the goal is to train young academics in the field of historical sciences through the acquisition of skills, methodologies and critical abilities that are necessary for historical, classical and contemporary-age research. PhD students will be supervised during their realisation of original and innovative research projects, focused on various types of sources and dealing with the main issues relating to different perspectives in political and religious history, the history of ideas, and social and economic analysis.

In History of Art and the Performing Arts, the aim is to provide the methodological and critical tools necessary for conducting research in the history of medieval art, or modern or contemporary art, in the history of criticism and museology, but also in the fields of the history of theatre and cinema. PhD students will acquire the ability to consciously recall critical debate, to be able to read the various sources available, and above all the ability to employ philological tools when reading an image.

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