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XXXV cycle
  • Giandamiano Bovi
    Tutor: Mariella Bonvicini
    Research Topic: Pascoli's Catullus: from philology to poetry
  • Stefano Campagna
    Tutor:  Piergovanni Genovesi
    Research topic: The imagined Africa: mass culture, colonial discourse and cultural policies in Fascist Italy (1928-42)
  • Raffaella Carluccio
    Tutor: Marco Capra
    Research Topic: Twentieth-century Italian Critical Reception of Gesamtkunstwerk: Wagner, Verdi and Boito
  • Daniele Corradi
    Tutor: Gioia Angeletti – co-tutor Diego Saglia
    Research Topic: An alternative path to realism: the circle of B. S. Johnson and British experimental fiction in the second half of XX century
  • Görkem Giray
    Tutor: Italo Testa - co-tutela con Istanbul Technical University
    Research Topic: Theory of Alienation
  • Daniele Molinari
    Tutor: Fiorenza Toccafondi – co-tutor Wolgang Huemer
    Research topic: To imagine seriously. Cognitivism between Works of Literature and Thought Experimentation
  • Marco Sartor
    Tutor: Carlo Varotti
    Research topic: Niccolò da Correggio’s Rime: a commented edition
XXXIV cycle
  • Dorothea Burato 
    Tutor: Michele Guerra
    Research topic: Cinema and Made in Italy. The integrated promotion of cinema and fashion in Italy from the post-war period to the years of protes.
  • Mara Conti
    Tutor: Massimo Magnani
    Research topic:The Byzantine scholia to Sophocles’ Antigone
  • Anna Ghiraldini
    Tutor: Francesca Zanella
    Research topic: Archives of Design: new creative and narrative forms for sharing memory
  • Rossella Lorenzi
    Tutor: Giulio Iacoli - co-tutorship with Université Cote d'Azur
    Research topic: Toasts, textes and tables. Literary and avant-garde conviviality between France and Italy (1900-1945)
  • María Lax López 
    Tutor: Maria Joaquina Valero – co-tutorship with Universidad de Granada
    Research topic: Accessibility to architectural heritage for blind people in Italy. Audio description and Reception Studies
  • Simone Marsi
    Tutor: Giulio Iacoli
    Research topic: The canon of Italian literature in school textbooks for secondary school (1861-1945)
  • Eleonora Poli
    Tutor: Elena Bonora
    Research topic: From servants to midwives. Female work in the Major Hospitals of Genoa and Milan (XVII-XVIII century)
  • Teresa Roversi
    Tutor: Italo Testa
    Research topic: Personhood and the theory of incorporated narrative identity
  • Juliana Ferraci Martone
    Tutor: Faustino Fabbianelli – co-tutorship with Universidade de São Paulo
    Research topic: FH Jacobi: philosophy as a way of life
XXXIII cycle
  • Francesca Sofia Alexandratos
    Tutor: Italo Testa
    Research topic: Social philosophy and recognition in John Dewey and Axel Honneth 
  • Agnese Bezzera
    Tutor: Simonetta Valenti
    Research topic: Inter folia fructus. A study of the work of Paul Claudel from his personal library
  • Alessandro Caprilli
    Tutor: Piergovanni Genovesi - co-tutor: Marco Gentile
    Research topic: The lordship of Belforti in Volterra during the 14th century
  • Francesco Cavalli
    Tutor: Mariella Bonvicini
    Research topic: Parisinus Latinus 8458
  • Jessica Ferrari
    Tutor: Arturo Calzona
    Research topic: Piacenza, city and diocese in the 12th century: questions of architecture and sculpture
  • Francesco Gallina
    Tutor: Carlo Varotti
    Research topic: Giovanni Gherardi da Prato. Life, works, ideology and poetics
  • Anna Kolesnikova
    Tutor: Michele Guerra / Vittorio Gallese
    Research topic: Embodied Cinema - Music in Film
XXXII cycle
  • Alessandro Bettoni
    Tutor: Alessandra Minarini
    Research topic: The 'Hecatelegium’ of Pacifico Massimi: Translation and Commentary
  • Leonardo Capanni
    Tutor: Beatrice Centi - co-tutorship with Université Paris I, Sorbonne
    Research topic: The formation of the concept of synaesthesia in the French context of the late nineteenth century: philosophy, medicine and psychology (1864-1893)
  • Giulia Cocconi
    Tutor: Elisabetta Fadda
    Research topic: Bartolomeo Schedoni, from Correggio to Caravaggio. Pathways of an Emilian painter of the early seventeenth century
  • Giulia Daolio
    Tutor: Francesca Zanella
    Research topic: Communication Archive Center. Memory and archive in motion
  • Gabriella Desideri-Bonora
    Tutor: Elena Bonora – co-tutorship with Université Aix-Marseille
    Research topic: The "treaty policy" of the Kingdom of Naples with the countries of the North and the Dutch case
  • Sabina Ghirardi
    Tutor: Donatella Martinelli
    Research topic: From the census of notabilia to a new glossary of the Promessi sposi (1827)
  • Andrea Masnari
    Tutor: Simonetta Valenti – co-tutorship with Université de Angers
    Research topic: Scientific knowledge and occult knowledge. The literary text and the transmission of knowledge in French literature of the late nineteenth century
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