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Timetable of Didactic Activities

A.Y. 2020/2021

First Semester

  • 1st period: 14 September to 16 October 2020
  • 2nd period: 2 November to 4 December 2020

Second Semester

  • 1st period: 15 February to 19 March 2021
  • 2nd period: 12 April to 14 May 2021


Second Cycle Degree Programme in Social and Clinical Applied Psychology

First Semester

  • 21 September to 4 December 2020

Second Semester

  • 1 March to 15 May 2021


Course Timetable
The student's Web Agenda

The schedule of lessons and all didactic activities of the degree courses offered by the Department is published in the EasyRoom Platform and can be viewed in the portal “Web Agenda”.

Classrooms and information about the official App of the University of Parma “UniPR Mobile” can be found in this portal.

Data is updated regularly.

Exam Timetable

The exam timetable can be viewed online in the page “Bacheca Appelli”.

To search for an exam, the student has to insert the name of the Department, the degree course, the didactic activity and the name of the professor. By inserting a date, the system will show all the exams that will take place on that day.

ESSE3 has to be used to enrol in an exam.

Exam Registration

Enrolment in exams for the degree courses offered by the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries is online.

All properly enrolled students, included supplementary year students, have to use the ESSE3 platform in order to enrol in the exams relating to their study plan.

The platform provides assessment questionnaires for Didactics and online records of exams.

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