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The Unit of Art History, Music and the Performing Arts establishes a common ground between the following areas of study. Its goal is the safeguard and enhancement of cultural heritage with the idea of carrying on the tradition from medieval, modern and contemporary art history to librarianship, theatre, musical, cinema and television.

The Unit aims at continuing the dialogue between areas of study that are closely related both from a cultural and methodological point of view. It also promotes study and collaboration with regards to teaching and to research.

Areas of Study

  • L-ART/01: History of Medieval Art
  • L-ART/02: History of Modern Art
  • L-ART/03: History of Contemporary Art
  • L-ART/04: Museology and Artistic Criticism of Restoration
  • L-ART/05: Performing Arts Studies
  • L-ART/06: Cinema, Photography and Television
  • L-ART/07: Musicology and Music History
  • M-FIL/04: Aesthetics
  • M-STO/08: Cataloguing and Library Science
  • IUS/10: Administrative Law
Services and Structures

The Unit is located in four different complexes. The most important one is the Pilotta Complex, since it houses the most people and services associated with the Department. The Musicology section is located at the ‘Casa della Musica’. The Theatre offices are located in Via Cavour and the section of Cataloguing and Library Science can be found in the Via D’Azeglio Complex.

The offices at the Pilotta Complex include the Biblioteca delle Arti e dello Spettacolo (the Library of Arts and Performing Arts) with a seating capacity of 40, as well as three halls equipped to carry out academic activities. A consultation service providing images and audio-visual materials is also available.

Heritage in the form of written and digital material from the Biblioteca di Musicologia (the Musicology Library) is an integral part of Biblioteca Mediateca of the Casa della Musica.

Course Catalogue

The following degree courses are related to the  History, Music and the Performing Arts under the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries:

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