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The Education Unit is based on the First Cycle Degree course “Educational Sciences” and on the Second Cycle Degree course “Design and Coordination of Educational Services”. It brings together academics of pedagogical, geographical, sociological and medico-legal disciplines.

The Unit aim is to undertake research activities in the fields of educational sciences, both social and human, with an inter-disciplinary perspective within the new Department.

Academic Disciplines List

  • M-GGR/01: Geography
  • M-PED/01: General and Social Pedagogy
  • M-PED/02: History of Pedagogy
  • M-PED/03: Special Didactics and Pedagogy
  • M-PED/04: Experimental Pedagogy
  • MED/43: Legal Medicine
  • SECS-P/07: Business Administration and Accounting Studies
  • SPS/08: Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes
Services and Facilities

The professors’ offices and those of the technical and administrative staff are located in the Borgo Carissimi Complex.

The Education Unit makes use of the Biblioteca Socio-Pedagogica (the Library of Sociology and Pedagogy). It has been allotted two different areas with a reading room:

  1. The Educational Sciences Section is located at number 10 of Borgo Carissimi: Books and magazines regarding education, philosophical and literary topics can be found there.
  2. The Geographical Sciences Section is located at number 12 of Borgo Carissimi. Reference literature regarding geographical sciences and a map collection can be found there.

There is also a computer laboratory that seats 60 for lessons or exercises and a microfilm service for digitalisation of materials.

Academic activities take place in the classrooms of the Borgo Carissimi Complex and in the nearby Via Del Prato Learning Centre.

Course Catalogue

The following degree courses are related to the Education Unit of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries:

The educational and instructional part of the learning process "Percorso Formativo 24 CFU (PF24), or training courses for teaching in schools, is provided by the teaching staff. In the previous years, “Tirocinio Formativo Attivo” (TFA) and “Percorsi Abilitanti Speciali” (PAS) have been offered.

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