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The Psychological and Social Studies Unit is characterised by the joining of multiple perspectives oriented to the analysis of individual, relational, social and institutional processes, in different contexts of the life of individuals and of groups, and in light of changes in contemporary society.

The core interests on which the various Areas of Study (Psychology, Sociology, Political Doctrines, Law) that comprise the Unit meet, deal with forms of subjectivity and communication: the interconnection of individual, interpersonal, social and political processes; the relationship between genre and generation; the dynamics of inclusion/exclusion; the typical and atypical developmental processes in the circle of life; educational relationships and connections with treatment; the representation of self and the construction of identity; political processes and their theoretical elaborations; ongoing changes in the ethnic and religious composition of the population, and the inter-group and intercultural dynamics linked with them. The research is carried out according to various quantitative and qualitative methodologies with particular attention to theoretical and epistemological aspects of research.

Academic Disciplines List

  • M-DEA/01: Demographic Ethnology/Anthropology Studies
  • M-PSI/04: Developmental Psychology And Educational Psychology
  • M-PSI/05: Social Psychology
  • M-PSI/07: Dynamic Psychology
  • SPS/02: History Of Political Doctrine
  • SPS/07: General Sociology
  • SPS/08: Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes
  • SPS/10: Urban and Environmental Sociology
  • SPS/11: Political Sociology
  • IUS/11: Ecclesiastical Law
Services and Facilities

The offices of the professors and the technical and administrative staff are located inside the Borgo Carisimi complex.

The Psychological and Social Studies Unit has two library services:

  1. The Biblioteca di Psicologia (the Library of Psychology), named after Marta Montanini (a scholar of Developmental Psychology who has greatly contributed to the birth and diffusion of Psychology at the University of Parma), onto which has been added a new 20-seater study room.
  2. The Political and Social Studies Section of the Biblioteca Socio-Pedagogica (the Library of Sociology and Pedagogy)

Didactic activities are carried out inside the classrooms of the Borgo Carissimi complex and in the adjacent Polo Didattico in Strada Del Prato, where there is also a computer room with 60 workstations.

There are three laboratories dedicated to research in the psychological field: a laboratory for observation, one for the study of language and one for Social Psychology.

A computer room with 10 workstations, which is found in the attic room, is used by PhD students and professors for research.

Course Catalogue

The Social Psychology Unit of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries offers the following degree programme:

First and second level Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis (A.B.A.) and a Research Doctorate in Psychology are also available.

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